In expectation of TPTB’s attempts at Friday afternoon links being an unmitigated dumpster fire, I hereby present my offering of links. Shoo away the flies, wipe off the mysterious goo because here are the links!

Stealing $13k a dollar at a time? It’s little better than dumpster diving. 

Cop clearly never watched Dateline, because he shoved the body in the wall rather than a dumpster. 

Prolly best to throw this chicken in the dumpster. 

Cleaned out all the area dumpsters, then had a date with the dumpster in the sky. 

Trashman hears odd noise from dumpster, finds surprise. 

Not my cup of tea, but it fits the theme. 


NOTE FROM TBTB: Riven had a extra early start to the day, and she was going to do these, but will get a little rest instead. Thx trsh.