Me, today.

Bad news for me and bad news for my Dad. I shan’t bore you with the details, but I want to warn you in case I come across as grumpy…it is because I am.

Of course, once you look at the links, you too, may become a bit cheesed off.  Here, take a look:

  • Haiti remains a source of damned foolishness, misery and just plain WTF.
  • I don’t get to play rugby anymore…so…hey, touch?! Never mind. That is a BS record.
  • I loathe grifters.
  • Speaking of @$$holes and money. Maybe their next flavor could be “Rocket Raspberry” or “Jihad Jam”.

Screw it.


UPDATE: The hits keep on coming. Mrs. Swiss doesn’t just have a torn meniscus – her ACL is f’d up too! Whee!

UPDATE 2: The house AC is acting up, and I got a recall notice on my car… “may burst into flames, even if off!” SMDH.