In light of the townhall earlier this week, I decided to use my skills at looking up random stuff on the internet an put something here that might become pertinent information in the next few years.

This is my review of Carlsberg (Probably the best beer in the world.  Probably):

What was said at this town hall?  (TW:  Twitter via CNN).  The reaction from both sides of the cultural divide was entirely predictable.  One side taking it as some kind of mask-slip from a politician with dementia saying he wants to ban pretty much everything including your 9mm auto.  The other insisting regulated means whatever is most suitable to their political aspirations of the day.  The truth is, we all know this is coming and what the goals are, so lets not pretend this is some sort of revelation here.

So what might be useful information—He said semi-auto didn’t he?

Enter these magnificent bastards.  Now I know what everyone is thinking, “a Derringer? C’mon man!”  I picked it up for my son’s birthday and while his preference was the NAA Black Widow I talked him out of it because thats a toy he will immediately grow out of.  Not that Bond makes something with a ton of utility but these are really popular for some reason so I assume they are somewhat useful.  Either way we had a ton of fun at the range with it (think Noisy Cricket).  In all reality its a 150 year old firearm design that pretty much works around nearly every gun control legislation short of banning everything.  Even then its tiny so have fun finding it, ATF.  There’s a reason its the weapon of choice for political assassins**, even more so if you use the vernacular definition of Derringer as any ”small pistol”.

So what is the pertinent info?  Bond has a trigger that makes me envy a Stanley Stapler.  Here’s a short video on how to improve it!  Credit where credit is due, but he thinks its suited to the silent film era, so here’s what to do:

The video shows the screw to remove the trigger guard, and where to remove the piece that locks up the barrels—note the spring.  Thats this screw to the left.

Next, the video shows the pivot pin that holds the trigger in the frame.  Be aware not to lose the spring in the trigger bar, as this tiny, exposed spring resets the entire firing mechanism.

Finally, file down the back panel of the trigger.  Theres a small tab (pic on the right) where the trigger bar meets the hammer.  Pushing the trigger (there is no pulling or squeezing) simply pivots trigger bar on the pin and lifts this tab away from the point it engages the hammer.  You are in effect smoothing out this engagement.

From prior experience on a S&W 686, I suggest not taking a lot off as the surfaces on the trigger-hammer engagement is critical to making sure the gun fires when you actually want it to.  I did the Sharpie trick three times on the file, and then smoothed it out with the stone. I also smoothed out the wedge on the trigger bar.  Finally, I smoothed the sides of the trigger bar on the stone.

Reassemble in reverse order, its a very simple design.

I put a dab of Tetra Gun grease on the sides of the hammer, let capillary action do its magic, and dry fired a few times to work it in.  The result?  The trigger still sucks but at least its now smooth enough to be useable.  This needs better grips.

So does Carlsberg live up to their claim?  To be honest, yes this is pretty good.  I credit the cans.  The last time I had Carlsberg it was an unfiltered pale ale in N. Ireland and it was good off the tap.  The last time I had their Pilsner I believe was sometime back in 2009 at the Desert Eagle at Al Udeid AB, Qa’Tar and it was in a green bottle.  It sufficed for my three drinks per day ration.  But this was good, maybe not good enough for the extravagant claim on the can, but it was good. Carlsberg (Probably the best beer in the world.  Probably):  3.4/5


**Hi NSA.  We all know you’re following along, I want to make clear I am not advocating for Lincoln, or any other President be assassinated—except for Wilson.  Seriously, fuck that guy.  I will however note, that I speak only for myself…