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Brutal Exterminator outfit updated for the Twenty First century. (h/t KK)


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FTC, an org that doesn’t need to exist, approves something that shouldn’t need approval in the first place.


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There is some creepy cult stuff going on, but it’s not the refuseniks.


Media Karen compares vax skeptics to “Russian propagandists,” and then with stunning lack of self-awareness calls for their deprogramming; totally not the same thing as the Soviets declaring anti-government dissidents insane and locking them mental hospitals until they embraced the government. Thanks for proving, yet again, that TMITE, Mika. Oh, and what is it with you media people and your obsession with deprogramming people with whom you disagree?


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This cowboy popped the balloon. And we all know what that means.


Now, for something not nut-punchy, with some cowgirl pix in the linked article: The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association Hit or Miss competition.

Hit or miss is a skill event where shooters ride their horse around a pre-determined course using blue and white balloons as targets. The course changed after each stage (there are four stages in all). All shooters used two .45 Colt revolvers in part of event regulations. Contestants had to shoot white balloons first before proceeding to shoot the blue balloons to end their course. The goal is to shoot all balloons while riding their horse as quickly as possible.


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Even though FAA Commercial Astronaut Wings “do not carry any legal significance or other privileges,” FAA revises the standards for awarding them anyway, conveniently including future Virgin Galactic crewmembers but excluding future Blue Origins crewmembers. Scumbag congresscritter Earl Blumenauer (Evil, OR) jealous that he has to go through cumbersome legislative process to meddle with space travel.


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Look familiar? Yeah, that’s why SpaceX is eating your lunch, dinosaurs.


Boeing’s second Starliner crew ferry spacecraft rolled out of its factory early Saturday at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center for mounting on top of a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket set for liftoff July 30 on a redo of a problem-plagued unpiloted test flight in 2019.

The human-rated spaceship, which has yet to be cleared to fly astronauts, emerged from Boeing’s Commercial Crew and Cargo Processing Facility near NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building before dawn Saturday, riding a spacecraft transporter for the several-mile journey to ULA’s Vertical Integration Facility at the nearby Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.

Womp, womp. Meanwhile, SpaceX has already launched cargo and crews to the ISS. Which as a tax dollar boondoggle shouldn’t exist in the first place, but still…