SP is still gone, the “it’s a dry heat” trope is a lie during monsoon season, and we’re getting fucked over by idiot bankers. But that’s a story for a different day. Did I mention the monsoons? When I went out for a stroll this morning, well before sunrise, I was a bag of (((sweat))) within a minute. There are many things we’ll miss about Arizona, but the climate is not one of them.

Birthdays today include a composer who lived on the knife’s edge; a guy who was born one day too early; a guy who asked what “is” is; a guy who woke up as a cockroach; a guy who was very bored; a woman who was very hungry; a woman who got too close to the truth and paid the price; an heir who was something of a mixed bag to us; Mark Kelly’s spirit animal; a piece of shit who still inflicts himself on us; an attention whore who gives attention whores a bad name; a guy who recognized a dumbass when he saw one; a guy who is ridiculously accomplished; a piece of shit who strongly contributed to the enstupidation of America; a famous midget actor; and a guy who should have been given a Medal of Freedom instead of being persecuted.

OK, enough, let’s have some links.


Biden, of course, uses the kind with Velcro straps.


Nature continues refusing to follow panic porn models.


Ooooh, anonymous sources! Seems legit.


Interesting the names that are left out of this article.


It would have been nice if they did this for (((us))) back in the ’30s.


I… can’t… even…   (h/t Nephilium)


C’mon, we know they can’t swim.


Old Guy Music features someone who is largely forgotten (emphasis on “largely”) but shouldn’t be. Besides having mad skills as a xylophonist, he was a superb drummer and a credible saxophonist. As one might suspect, despite the WASPish name, he was one of (((us))), born Abe Himmelbrand. Enjoy this remarkably fun bit. Yes, he DOES look like Mr. Creosote.