Chapter 9 of The Slight Edge is entitled Faces of The Slight Edge. It should be entitled the Forces of The Slight Edge. Those forces are: Momentum, Completion, Habit, Reflection, and Celebration.



We all know the adage slow but steady wins the race. It’s not the slow part that wins. It’s steady. The steady participant got in motion and stayed in motion. It’s the consistent forward progress that makes you a winner.



Completion isn’t the sexual act some of your perverts assumed. It’s acknowledging the incomplete things in your life drain your energy and addressing them bit by bit. In the fitness context, it’s not getting five workouts done in one day. It’s knocking them out once a day Monday through Friday. Which leads to the flip side. Your feeling of pride and satisfaction for having completed the task.



Olson has beaten habit to death at this point. Any of you reading this series know what it is. Habit propels you up the success curve or down the failure curve.



Reflection is an interesting one and, I think, misnamed. Olson is really talking about accountability. There are lots of ways to hold yourself accountable. You make a checklist and check things off as you go. You can journal. In your journal you can record what you need to do and what you’ve done. This also gives you a chance to start your day by reviewing what will make it successful. It’s amazing how that keeps you focused on the actions breeding success. You can have an accountability partner. Some people prefer to talk it out rather than write it out. If that’s you, then find someone with a similar inclination and keep one another accountable.



Celebration is an overlooked part of motivation and goal setting. You need to celebrate your successes. It may not be the best idea to celebrate hitting your fitness goal by getting blackout drunk while eating a pound of bacon, but I’ll leave that to you. When you hit an interim goal, celebrate it. When you reach your bigger goal, celebrate it. Do it in a way that is obvious to you. You get to feel good about what you’ve done. Reaching goals isn’t meant to be a horrible slog. It’s meant to make you feel good and keep you feeling good about your striving.


Stay on the upward curve my friends.


Glib celebration music.


Weekly cuteness. This is going to trigger some of you.