Chapter 9 of The Slight Edge is entitled Invest In Yourself. This chapter ranges far and wide. I’m only covering the parts of it applicable to fitness.


Results come last. We all want to judge the effectiveness of our actions based on their results. But how can you make this judgment, while you are doing something, when results come last?


Judging yourself by your actions is better but still not wholly effective. The fundamental flaw in this approach is actions “are not the source of your success or failure.”


“The only reliable, consistent way to control your attitudes – that control your actions, which control your results – is to control your thoughts. And the source of your thoughts is your philosophy.”


“Your success will always be the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. Your philosophy comes first; your results come last.”


Of course, the progressive realization of your worthy ideal is going to be tested by reality. We all have to deal with life. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Few, if any, of us get to our goals in a straight line. So, course correct along the way. Employing The Slight Edge principles, you will naturally do this. You may be off course a good part of your journey, but making those small, simple course corrections will lead you to your goal.


Zig zag your way on the upward curve my friends.


After a much too long hiatus, MikeS made his triumphant return this week. Glib celebration music. I even saw Heroic Mulatto briefly pop in this week but I’ll be damned if I know what type of music he likes. What goes with thicc, Asian, ass-eating women? Maybe this?


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