Harmor, The Additive synth,

I have been playing music for 42 years so far, bla bla bla, I have always recorded my/our music whenever money allowed it. Back in the late 70’s, early 80’s, tape decks and tape were expensive, that was drug money we’re talkin’, so a decent job and some dedication, I recorded every session, eventually amassing several hundred Cassettes, then I got a Tascam.

 The Tascam 4 track recording machine was state of the art for us lowly DIYers, remember this was back when we were doing demos for record companies, there was no Spotify. I figured out how to loop back up to 10 tracks, that was fun,but events happened.

 Fast Forward, (sorry) to 2000 and my band is exploring Digital Audio Workstations, we call them DAWs, and I personally never looked back. There is no Unsuck button, well maybe autotune, Blech, however I can craft my songs at will, I play an assortment of instruments, and over the  decades have become comfortable with setting up rooms, mic placements, etc. The biggest thing I can tell you, is make sure the recording you do is what you want to hear. Don’t fix it in the mix, fix it on recording, or you will be chasing sounds, a waste of time.

Tiny Studio

 Compression. I despise it as a tool, IMO, if you need to limit a signal, maybe record the signal with better EQ? Just Say’n. All that aside, it’s a good idea to put your drums in a side chain and treat them differently than the other instruments, this way you can adjust the depth of the drums depending on how much bottom you add.

 Automation. Yep, if you have a set idea about… pretty much any parameter, you can automate the task, that’s where we get Pan sweeps and volume runups, pretty slick. Right now I work with my buddy Chuck, who lives and records in Phelan CA, welcome to the 21st c. We use the same DAWs so we can email tracks at will.

 I met a guy at work who played and had a spotify account, he said he made 180$ last year, his music is fine, but unremarkable, so….. I ended up getting a Distributor, not too pricey, 100% royalties, and I’m on a bunch of platforms, let’s see how that plays out.

 I feel I’m running out of time, and I want my work out there, Fuck YT, I’ll pay for a service to at least get me exposed, this is So much cooler than any future I could have imagined.

Tons more to say and discuss, this is My opinion, not Gospel,

/Except for the World collapsing

Spotify, Band #1, Tepme3  https://open.spotify.com/artist/6bnvmUcIo25JDSMhraJ7XG

Also iTunes, Apple music YT and more, Band #2 is upcoming, CB Soundcraft, all the good music, enjoy, you Cretins!