As I have mentioned, I am on a mission to be more healthy due to Covid. Not because I am afraid of it, but rather it is more a personal middle finger to the establishment. The motherfuckers have made me change my lifestyle and eat more vegetables and cut my drinking by two-thirds.

All “they” do is push the vaccine when most people who are healthy and fit survive the plague as if it was just a cold. Ya, some healthy fit people have died but fuck off, some healthy and fit people die from all kinds of things. But rather than encourage people to get more healthy and fit and go outside and exercise they push pharmaceuticals. It is as if they want people to be unhealthy and just buy their drugs. I am on a mission to be off all pharmaceuticals. Fuck them. I am a stubborn asshole like that.



I hope all Glibs become stubborn assholes like that. Get off your ass. Go outside and get some Vitamin D. Take your shirt off and grill some protein and or some veggies and eat it. Cut out the processed foods and move your ass. Eat animals and plants. Not chemicals.

I am on a mission to dispose of the body I have now. And I am going to do it by eating right, moving, moving, and moving, and getting my heart rate up close to chest ham explosion. Talk to your doctor before you try that last one. Or just ignore your doctor because they will most likely tell you to take drugs rather than get in better shape.

Get off your ass.



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