This week has a very interesting, major configurations going on.  So major that it probably isn’t referring to any of you guys (no offense).  But here it is, so when it hits the news you’ll be able to marvel at my prognosticatory prowess.

On Friday (Freya, Venus, Valkyries, Copper, the color Green, Misfortune while travelling) we have Jupiter retrograde aligned with the Earth and Venus, with Mercury in opposition.


Mercury is itself aligned with the Sun and Moon.


Both the primary and oppositional planets residing in Virgo and Leo.

This speaks of a corrupt leader and his wife being disgraced because of something extremely fortunate happening to a different woman.  Like a car accident crashes into a building, exposing a torture dungeon underneath it, and one of the victims therein reveals that she’s being held there by Xi Jinping, that sort of thing.  I don’t know exactly how the wife figures in to it.  Not yet.  But watch the news on Friday (or over the weekend).

Lily encounters a deer that was wandering around the dog park

Leo’s glory is beginning to wane.  They still have Mercury, but Mars moves into Virgo this week, so fights will not be as easy to win.  Though Mercury is the plant of luck.  Leo’s loss is Virgo’s gain, having the bookends of Venus and Mars. The moon in Taurus means intoxication-induced stupidity will be a worse problem than usual this week.

Does this lens effect make my nose look big?

The cards say you’re going to have a shitty week.

Leo:  The Chariot reversed – Transportation trouble

Virgo:  8 of Swords reversed – Congratulations!  You got the best draw this week!  You’ll see a way out of a current problem.  Nothing here says you’ll actually be able to take advantage of it however…

Libra:  Ace of Wands – Ok, so this is also not a bad draw.  Be content with that.

Scorpio:  The Tower – Terrible, horrible no good, only bad, and that’s just the beginning.  Woo.

Sagittarius:  Strength reversed – Being a wussy, or someone really strong deciding to make an example of you

Capricorn:  The Star reversed – Getting lost, fame being eclipsed, dropping your phone in a puddle

Aquarius:  3 of Coins – Busybodies and kibbitzers.  Micromanagement.

Pisces:  King of Wands – Someone who decides to wave their dick around.  And they can get away with it.

Aries:  The Empress reversed –  An ally or confidant who has really has quite enough of your whining and neediness.

Taurus:  The Magician – Dr. Fauci

Gemini:  Page of Swords –  Backstabbing millennial or Gen Zer

Cancer:  Ace of Cups reversed – Spilling your beverage