I left the gym.  I got into my car.  I turned it to SiriusXM Octane (37) as I am wont to do, and discovered Metallica let Weezer do a cover of Enter Sandman

Weezer is an embarrassment to my generation—and I say that as a millennial! We’re a collective embarrassment.

Metallica is dead to me.


A Mexican politician flees the country:

López Obrador has never liked Anaya much. The two sparred angrily in debates for the 2018 election, with López Obrador dubbing Anaya with a nickname that means “little rich kid.”

Ha!  He called him a white guy.

Coming to a taco shack near you!

Wait, since when did Reuters have a paywall?  Whatever, the headline suggests they have a beef with USMCA.  Which probably makes the new Ford mini truck relevant.

I know we all like our guns here, but would it kill you to NOT send them to Mexico?  Geez.

Okay we get it BBC:  Haiti.  Haiti.  Cuba.  Haiti.  Haiti.  Haiti.  Haiti.  Cachaça!

Brazilian Trump asks their health bureaucrats for an end date on masks.  The press predictably loses their shit.

The only thing disappointing about Ozzy is watching him deteriorate.