Game over, man! Game over!

I will update this as soon as Pudding Cup Joe finishes reading his notes or repeating the teleprompter or whatnot. But for now, I will wallow in Afghanistan’s collapse. Most of you know I was there, in the Northeast, for a year (March 2004-March 2005). Half the men I worked with, befriended and knew had already been killed before this year. I can only hope the remaining ones have armed up (Northern Alliance, here we come again) or left the country.

Haji Zabiullah  (r) and Jaweed (l). I hope they got out of Kabul.


Haji Almas (l) probably fled. Gen. Sayed Kahili killed a few years back.

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  • Shitshow at KIA.
  • Uh….good luck, General.
  • This should have the Taliban shivering in fear.
  • “Hello, London? This is the Taliban calling…”

UPDATE: Started OK, got worse – really slipping near the end. Also, lots of finger pointing, with a laughable “the buck stops with me” after 10 minutes of blaming everyone else…including Obama! (“I was against the surge”) His speechwriter(s) should have not had him keep repeating the talking points, and kept it short. No answering any questions, of course.


I am still looking for more pics – Gul Zaman, who was killed quite a ways back, comes to mind…