We were born to the Fletcher family, rich and famous for our specialized pinpoint weapons. The family owned a few ‘roids, and we made a nice life there, but our base was on Mars, Big Red. My little brother and I have different Moms but we didn’t care, Dad ran the show anyway, so we didn’t know any better, we didn’t even know until prep school, ha!. Cat always rubbed Dad the wrong way, but he was subtle enough that  Dad gave him a great starting purse and sent him off, better to not embarrass the Family you see, and then you should have seen him take off.

 He learned everything from logistics to armaments, negotiations, and was soon making bank, that’s when Da approached him. All of a sudden, his Black sheep boy showed promise! Riches and control of the the belt possibly, Da went all in, and ever since, we have gained much of the Belters loyalty, so we ended up with a great little society, free of Earth constraints, which of course pissed off Earth, Never! Piss off Earth. 

 The Cat developed close mining and dedicated mining wherever he could, and all of a sudden, we Didn’t need earth anymore, My Brother did that….

 Once our mining tech was developed, anyone could make a claim, and the Belt became rich,

Our colonies grew into Cities, and our influence grew into an Empire, one that could challenge Earth’s hegemony, but we had no true leader, until Cat. He is willing to risk it all for the sake of Human advancement, and the kid loves to make money, he is on a mining run as we speak, two billion tons of Diamond dust, let’s see how it plays out.