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Yes, this is really a different girl than we used the other week. Some sports just have iconic poses.


After here, there be monsters. We totally understand if you just want to scroll down to the comments.


No, totally not Orwellian at all.


9News Sydney

#BREAKING: From September 13, NSW residents that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be given new freedoms. Residents of hotspots can leave home for an hour of recreation on top of their exercise hour, while people in other areas can meet five others outdoors.



The doctors who took part in Monday’s event said the vast majority of the cases they’re seeing most recently were among unvaccinated patients, many of whom have expressed regret about not having been vaccinated, WPTV reported.

Grandstanding Florida doctors stage fake walkout to protest the unvaxed. Fake walkout because they were not actually on duty at the time of the protest. But the threat is there. Every time they do something like this, every time you read tweets from people who want to withold treatment for the unvaxxed, think about the AIDS crisis and those who wanted to withold treatment from AIDS patients because filthy junkies and homos.


Too-Local News Department: Spotsylvania County, Virginia, School Board flee meeting after thirteen minutes when public comments, which they didn’t want to hear in the first place, go against their masking initiatives.


Mars Confidential: Mars rover Perseverance’s first collected sample was “not retained in the tube due to their [small] size.” NASA blames Mars. “The rock simply wasn’t our kind of rock.” Mars Confidential hears that line as if read by Sean Young as Rachael in “Blade Runner” (1982).