This wholesome cowboy is demonstrating good trigger discipline. (h/t KK)


Progs really hate it when minorities go off the reservation, and start calling them out on their bullshit. Not to be outdone, socons bang natalism drum.


Someone has issues. Penis issues. Honesty issues. I can’t imagine being sad and resentful enough to create something like this. What’s worse is this got widely shared on social media as if it were somehow accurate.


Space News Roundup: High drama as Russian lab module tilts space station with errant thruster firings. Feds to Bezos: Suck it. Dinosaur aerospace company Boeing continues to have trouble getting it up. Womp, womp. (SLDs apply).


Actual map of free and universal healthcare. YMMV about actually getting that free and/or universal healthcare, though.


Totes not racist, nosiree. The assistant dean of the Columbia University School of Nursing says there needs to be a “multifactorial” approach when trying to convince people to get vaccinated. “We’re talking about communities of color. They want to see people who look like them, not only giving them information but also there to give the vaccines.” Also, youth ambassadors.


Actual map of spacefaring nations. Blue countries have their own launch vehicles, Yellow countries operate space vehicles launched by others and/or are working on launch vehicles.


Engineer and YouTuber Mark Rober has created a robot that can make domino murals at lightning speed, and has shown it off with a video of it arranging 100,000 dominoes into a Super Mario Bros.-themed mural in just over 24 hours. Rober says it would take a team of seven humans a week to do the same thing. (h/t Jimbo)

But this robot should be banned or taxed because it doesn’t provide universal healthcare or solve world hunger.


Crap artist and garbage human being Aimii “dropped some facts,” ie got pissy, about people appropriating the MBMC slogan for non-feminist causes. This is my response.