Nice match. And yes, I cheated.

The US Open is underway, and everything is going mostly according to plan. Nick Kyrgios bowed out early (unplanned), but he did turn his match into a circus (planned). Tsitsipas took some unusually (well, usual length for him to text his coaches) long bathroom breaks in his five-set marathon win against Andy Murray. And Osaka managed to win her first round match. The next few days will be more interesting than Day 1.  In baseball, the Yankees are cooling off, the Dodgers and Giants aren’t, and the Astros are managing to stay at arms-length from the A’s.  Ronaldo is officially back with ManUre. And it’s deadline day in the transfer window, so expect some serious shit to go down. Or not. You never can tell what’s gonna happen.  Anyway, that’s sports.


Big birthdays today are Roman Emperors Caligula and Commodus. They share it with Italian educator Maria Montessori, (female) baseball player Lizzie Arlington, Japanese Emperor Yoshihito, Dutch Queen Wilhelmina, actor Fredric March, comedian Buddy Hackett, actor James Coburn, hockey legend Jean Beliveau, HOF outfielder Frank Robinson, singer-songwriter Van Morrison, actor/gerbil enthusiast Richard Gere, failed prosecutor Marcia Clark, outfielder Claudell Washington, track and field legend (whose streak will never be beaten in any running event) Edwin Moses, drummer Gina Schock, terrorist Hassan Nasrallah, singer Debbie Gibson, and golfer Padraig Harrington.

That was a pretty solid list.  Now on to…the links!

Life imitates art

Now that’s how you rob a bank. The only thing I’d have done different is dress them all up as Batman or perhaps clowns.

Two weeks and we’ll find out. I so want this to happen just to watch heads explode on the news.

Here’s a pretty awesome story. Good on those guys who risked their lives in a stupid-ass war we never should have entered, while facing racism from our own government. Incredible bravery.

Could be an awesome crossover horror flick

We had Sharknado.  Apparently we now have Gatorcane. Or perhaps Hurrigator. I’m working on the name. But I think I’ll ask Sugar Free to do the script.

Say it ain’t so, Joe. Man, that price seems awfully cheap. Which would be true to form for the government selling something. But also, it is in Oklahoma. So it may have been wildly overpriced.

Somebody buy this guy a beer! Or a whole 12 pack. He deserves it.

This is interesting. And refreshing. Because the bus drivers aren’t the only ones pushing back.

And continuing the theme. Good!

A pretty cool reason to visit Galveston. Wait, let me correct that: this is probably the only reason to ever visit Galveston.

And here’s a happy song for you. Now get out there and have a great day, friends!