I got a call from my lawyer last night.  I was excited because he never calls me, I always call him.  He says he needed a hand from me, so I said…

…okay I’ll take care of it.  I got the links today.

What?  What did you think happened?  Freaks.

You know why so many nurses are cunts?  You can fire them all you want and they’ll find work the next day, but you’ll be short a few cunts.

Correctly?  What do you know Vice!

Lets not forget the real victims.

I’m not sure who is the bigger retard here.

Its in revelations people!

We get to see proof of concept in real time!

They’re out to get the black guy.

I’ll say it now, Vlad is dreamy.

What else can go wrong?

Yeah yeah yeah, we’re reliving the 70’s, except the music sucks ass and bush is only a fetish.