This has got to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures from Full Moon Studios… The Gingerdead Man.

Even the cookie face of Gingerdead man looks like Gary Busey! If I ever get a chance to meet Busey at a convention, you can damn well bet I’ll have him sign a Gingerdead Man photo still. What else do you need to know? Somehow the ashes of the human murderer Busey get mixed in with gingerbread dough at a bakery and the fun begins… After about 24 minutes of exposition and character development.  A rough count of murderous highlights:

  • Busey cookie possession
  • One woman covered in whipped cream with cherries on her boobs
  • A guy smashed by a car

Maybe avoid if you have strong feelings against pastry-on-human violence. Watch now, or do not. Everything is voluntary. Fair warning: I do find that this movie either fills viewers with murderous rage or the overwhelming urge to bake.

So how did this movie even get made? I can’t talk about that without mentioning Charles Band, the founder of Full Moon Studios. Charles was already a giant in the horror movie business by the time he founded Full Moon Features. He was responsible for distribution on damn near any horror film you could think of in the late 70’s through the 80’s, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.… You saw a horror movie on a shelf at Blockbuster, Charles put it there. That alone was huge. He also made movies such as Ghoulies. I actually saw his movie Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared Syn in a movie theatre with 3D glasses when it came out.  If you want to read some more about Charles’ career, visit his website.

After what most people would already consider a fulfilling career, Charles founded Full Moon Studios in 1989 to make direct to video releases and pretty much changed the entire movie distribution industry. He still runs Full Moon Features and has a veritable slew of movies worth seeing. Some of these franchises you will recognize from back in the video rental days:

  • The GingerDead Man: There are a lot of GingerDead Man films. Sadly, Gary Busey was not in all of them, but he at least came back for GingerDead Man vs. Evil Bong. Yay!
  • Evil Bong: Evil Bong sends hipsters on a trip that results in death. At least seven times. Work faster, Evil Bong! Watch out for Tommy Chong in the first one, at least.
  • Puppet Master: Started with releases in Blockbuster, and the series continues to this day! Big favorite during the cable days as well. Evil puppets! Murder! Seven sequels! And more spinoffs!
  • William Shatner did a series of Late-Night shows for Full Moon, providing color commentary and interludes for The Creeps, Castle Freak, and other Full Moon titles. These are really great, especially if you’re heavily sedated.
  • Corona Zombies: Considering how much people obsess over COVID, this may need to be reviewed soon. It’s available for free on Tubi, so you guys watch it and let me know what you think. For added incentive, keep in mind that the write-up says Donald Trump makes an appearance!

I could go on. He has produced or directed over 300 films at this point.

So, if you enjoy horror with a little comedy thrown in, you have seen a movie that Charles produced or directed. And if you started to enjoy horror films back in the eighties, when you could rent them at Blockbuster, you have Charles to thank. He is another one of those unsung entrepreneurs who shaped our culture.

For next week, get ready for Wolfcop.



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