Welcome to a new Glibs feature – GlibFlick, a Glibs watch party. Since it’s a PITA to share a movie in real time with many people, some of who wish to remain anonymous, we have harnessed the awesome powers of the internet to bring you Glib-0-Vision. All you need is a timesource accurate to within a few seconds. Start watching the movie at 7:00 PM Central.



Welcome to GlibFlick. News getting you down? Need something different to unleash your inner rage in comments? I decided to start a weekly program to link up to unusual and seldom seen B movies. B movies are my passion, and I think I have found a way to introduce you poor saps to the things I love. Today’s cinema classics are guaranteed to spawn comments, confused or otherwise.

Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter

Yes, Jesus Christ comes to earth to kill vampires and sing. It’s a musical with lesbians, Jesus Christ, El Santo, and Canadians. I first shared this with friends when it came out on DVD. It made the rounds at the office, and was then returned with a sticky note that said “I want the two hours of my life back that I spent watching this.” Brutal! Personally I enjoyed it, like I enjoy the finer things in life. Did I mention I eat trash out of dumpsters? Anyway I figured out who left the note and left a large “NO REFUNDS” scrawl on that cubicle’s whiteboard.

This film took two years to finish with work only occurring on weekends. A true labor of love and dedication. Tell me what you think in the comments!