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WolfCop came at a really interesting time in film. Interest in horror films had started to drag, mostly driven by endless sequels to big budget films. Seemed like nobody had a new idea. Just around 2010, that changed. Suddenly a new crop of films appeared, as if out of nowhere. WolfCop was one of those. This new genre never took itself too seriously, had great original plots, and really opened up the genre again. It was a breath of fresh air. Other great films I would recommend if you like WolfCop are:

  • Hobo with a Shotgun (2011): This will be reviewed soon. The director also made Treevenge, which is one of my favorite shorts. I am saving Treevenge for Christmas.
  • ZomBeavers (2014): No words can describe the joy of Zombeavers adequately. But I shall try soon! This will be part of the October festival of Halloween film offerings.

At the center of the story is that a very alcoholic cop becomes a werewolf. But not in a terrible way, more in a life-affirming superhero way. He uses his lycanthropy (and alcoholism) to fight mundane crime and supernatural evil! There are many twists and turns in this movie which make is an absolutely enjoyable romp. I feel like any further exposition may spoil plot points, so the only other thing I will bring up is Liquor Donuts. What a fantastic concept! I was hoping Liquor Donuts would be real. Yes, there are liquor filled donuts, but for now the name Liquor Donuts is owned by a group that does quick turnaround vinyl record pressings. A place that actually sells liquor – filled donuts is Drunken Donuts, which I will have to visit during one of my many road trips.

Lowell Dean both directed and wrote WolfCop. It got a sequel, Another WolfCop, which Lowell again wrote and directed. Lowell is still in his forties so I feel like he has a lot of potential for the future. Keep those movies coming! The free world needs lots more guys like Lowell who work their butts off to produce a quality product. As we all know, risk does not always equal reward. But it did this time! Liquor store robbery turned werewolf vengeance! LOTS of vomiting! Bathroom stall werewolf transformation! Watch it or don’t – everything is voluntary!

Next week is back to the eighties with JoySticks.

Note: I won’t be here for the comments tonight. I am attending the remembrance service for another of the Initialed Ones, P.K. One of his last art projects was a painting based on my broken fish tank bubbler, entitled “I Identify as a Broken Fish Tank Pirate.” 



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