You’ve seen them.  Smug, silent, ingrates completely convinced of their own superiority over others in society leading pointless lives devoid of reason and meaning.

But enough about the average shopper at Target.

This is my review of Drekker Raspberry Coconut Crumble Raspberry Slang du Jour sour ā la mode:

I want to take a moment to explain this meme thats been around for several years but has come to define basic political discourse for the past year or so.

The Wojack:  A nearly childish drawing of a bald white man with a blank expression on his face.  Nobody is really sure where this came from but the earliest known use of it was on 4Chan boards dating back to 2009.  A poster from Poland popularized the drawing.  In essence, the Wojack is overwhelmed by a number of thoughts and emotions resulting in an outward expression of nothingness.  This changed during the Trump era when it became the image used to depict anti-Trump elements online along with the NPC meme.  The Wojack evolved to the Soyjack, where the conflicting thoughts and emotions erupt.  Where the NPC depicted somebody without an opinion and simply follows along base programming without any thought to change it, the Soyjack does have a predictable opinion.  An opinion defined by outrage at the thought one can defy the cultural orthodoxy (the programming if you will) of the day.  An opinion constantly driven by his overwhelming emotions, and thus easily trolled by—

The Chad:  Another product of the 4Chan hivemind, the Chad is a stereotypical alpha male.  In general, the Chad is successful with women, and comfortable in his worldview in spite of his non-conformity with the cultural orthodoxy of the day.  Generally depicted as a blond haired, blue eyed white guy with a beard (I thought it was supposed to be Gavin McIness when I first saw it), the Chad covers a variety of races and ethnicities.  To be a Chad is a state of mind, not necessarily a worldview and certainly not an ethnicity.

Bear in mind, on any two issues these characters can exchange places and it is not a formal depiction of the right and the left.  Case in point.

So for example when you see this, the point is the Soyjack is a bitch crying about the Chad not caring about whatever it is the Soyjack is mad about.  Its doesn’t have to be humorous, it just has to be accurate in its portrayal.


This is probably the screwiest beer I have ever reviewed.  This barely had any passing resemblance to beer, in that it came in a can and it contained alcohol.  At its base is a raspberry sour ale.  It happens to contain both lactose and coconut which give it an almost dairy like quality.  In short, this is a beer smoothie that is so usual I might actually buy it again just to troll people calling it hipster juice.   Drekker Raspberry Coconut Crumble Raspberry Slang du Jour sour ā la mode:  3.5/5