This week is shaping up to be a doozy for me.  Wife is about to go out of town and one of my refrigerators took a dump so I have little space for beer.

No, its not like that.

Whatever, here are some links!


¡Mover! ¡El policía está detrás de mí!

Why?  Why God?  WHY????  How can you let them black bag Norm?

Truck plows into traffic in Ciudad Mexico.  Don’t worry Mexico City isn’t pregnant.

I wonder if Mexican Boomers tie their entire cultural allegiance and incessantly agonize over this issue, dragging every other generation into the fight in spite of it being settled decades ago like their American counterparts?  Wait no, they “settled” it last week.

Okay world bank.  Its debt threatening economic recovery.

“I think it’s important to tell this story from a morally ambiguous perspective,”  Oh….good thinking.  I bet it will be as well received as Evita where Madonna sings and leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling when we think of Juan Perón.  Fuck you very much Andrew Lloyd Weber.

Protests in El Salvador over Bitcoin!  Oh wait, they must be new to crypto.  The price fluctuates…constantly.

Protests in Brazil to impeach Brazilian Trump!  Well, you could call it that.  This is worthy of the Ricky Ricardo laugh.

An absolute shithead died in Peru. The world weeps for having lost an absolute shithead you never heard of.

Here’s a good tune.  Have a great day.