No, not a Dead reference, though a great song. This is more literal. Yes, we knew it rained here, but holy shit, it’s truly been a day-in day-out thing. We had six inches of standing water in the shop basement, and some significant puddles in our home pantry. The hiking trails are mush. On the other hand, everything is green and beautiful, the weather is cool, and we can sit in our little solarium, sip adult beverages, and enjoy the sights and sounds. Most of the latter emanate from Wonder Dog, who is seeing deer, stoats, and woodchucks for the first time and feels an imperative to guard us by chasing them off with loud and angry sounds.

Speaking of loud and angry, there are a few birthdays today, including one of (((us))) whose work lives on at nearly all college campuses; a weird example of a celebrity musician being an incel; a fascinating guy who blurred scientific boundaries; another one of (((us))) whose work memorably lives on; a guy whose… diction was… famous for random… pauses; a guy who slept with Elizabeth Montgomery; a guy whom everyone thought he was good, but he was just a pretender; a Dr. Phil wannabe (at least Dr. Phil’s money) and might be one of us;  and a guy who don’t play that.

So let’s, then, play Links, shall we?


How often can you keep dragging these stories out? 


Flying needs to be even more onerous.


Jet fuel won’t melt steel beams.


Getting creative on tanking the economy.


Team Blue nods.


I can’t even.


Oh, shit!


Old Guy Music is from one of my favorite of the big bands, whom I saw for the first time live right around the time this video was made. And it also features my favorite jazz bassist, who taught a course in jazz history I was lucky enough to attend. Damn!