OK, some people did something. But who cares, we just had a New Year! And this one is going to be great! People are getting stupider and stupider at an accelerated rate, so sit in the stands, open a box of popcorn, and enjoy the freakshow. Many examples of which, anon.

It’s not just the anniversary of some people doing something, it’s a day chock full of birthdays, not the least of which was a very focused guy; a guy whose end was a bit of a surprise; a guy who said to Rousseau, “Hold mah ale”; a guy who coached Little League; a woman who proved that being a child of Nazis didn’t mean you couldn’t be worse; possibly the biggest asshole in the NFL; a filmmaker almost as bad as Spielberg; a pretty fine musician who made some unfortunate choices; a pretty fine musician who made a lot of fortunate choices; a ridiculously good bass player; and a hawk among the sparrows.

Break out the popcorn, we’re going in.


They’re not even pretending any more.


Indeed we live in the very best timeline. 


“…and we’ll do everything we can to help.”


Dumb and Dumber. I’m guessing the winner here will be Dumber.


The most important part of this story was left out. I wonder why?




Old Guy Music today is… something else. Featuring one of the birthday boys.