This sexy beast is throwing the weight over the bar. The standard weight for this event is 56#.


It’s Fall. Civil Fall for the astronomical number of pedants on here. Crisp cool mornings. Warm dry afternoons. Our thoughts turn to kilted gingers. Fall is the traditional season for Celtic festivals and highland games.



TWO PERFECTLY HEALTHY LUNG TRANSPLANT PATIENTS DIE WITH COVID-19: And whatever you do, don’t read the comments to this tweet. You know these people are just salivating at the thought of witholding treatment from the unvaxed. (h/t Sloopyinca)



ROCKET DICKS in SPACE: Humanity’s first, all-private, orbital crewed spaceflight, Inspiration4, lifts off with spectacular pulsing plumes, achieves orbit. Crew’s list of their questionable mission playlist choices here.

Watch from your back yard here. Nerds can change the lat, lng, and tz parameters in the url to match your location; everyone else click the secret phrase “suck it, Boeing” in the upper-right to pick your location using search, map, or browser location. Website design straight outta 1999, sorry. (h/t mega-nerd db)



OH, NO! Funny bear video. Music is annoying, but watch with sound on for surprise at the end. Your author assures our readers that he was home curating these links at the time this occurred. (h/t SugarFree)



AND HALF OF THE CHILDREN DROWNED IN THE ICY WATERS: Yeah, this is exactly what little kids need when they’re already scared shitless of grandma dying of the ‘vid. The presumably-required masks will only add to the kids’ sense of their own mortality. Good work, town library! (h/t TPTB)