Music. No bagpipes. This is the earliest recorded version of this song.



Scottish Heavy Athletics is not just for big, burly men; our women athletes are not to be trifled with, either. Tossing the sheaf had its origins in throwing bags of hay up into a barn loft. All sports are open to women athletes, but the sheaf event has the most women participants so competition is fierce.

SATURDAY EVENING PREVIEW: Join Double Eagle at 5:00 PM for a stirring nautical tale of Hawaii interisland sailboat racing. Your timbers will be shivered, or your money back.




Second uncrewed test flight of Boeing Starliner spacecraft, originally scheduled for August, likely to slip until 2022. Boeing officials said last month that nitrogen tetroxide propellant leaked through Teflon seals on the valves and interacted with moisture on the “dry” side of the valve, creating nitric acid that corroded the valves and caused them to stick shut. Meanwhile, rival SpaceX has conducted four successful crewed orbital missions, and a number of uncrewed ISS resupply missions with various versions of their Dragon capsule.

Space Force reveals dress uniforms for their “guardians.” All we can think of is Walter Koenig saying “nuclear wessels.”

NASA reveals landing site for Lunar VIPER rover which will look for water ice in the always-shadowed craters near the Moon’s South Pole.

Below here, there be nutpunches.



SETTING THE STAGE for DEATH PANELS: US FedGov controls supply of approved COVID-19 treatment, Harris/Biden administration plans to ration distribution to states.

TALIBAN: “Cutting off of hands is very necessary for security.” Planned return to amputations and executions as judicial punishment. But at least they’ll have women judges this time.