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NEW GLIBS FEATURE: GlibFlick, a Glibs watch party, launches tonight. Each week we’ll a link to a free, full-length, no BS version of one of the finest B movies out there, curated by your host R.J. Pop some corn, put on your bunny slippers, and watch along with us. GlibFlick post will go up at 6:55 PM CT, start watching the movie at 7:00. This week: “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.”

And while we’re doing site housekeeping, if anyone has any articles, fiction, or unhinged rants to contribute, the Glibs submissions basket is almost empty.


h/t: Sean


GRATUITOUS HOT MAN PIC: Firearms instructor Tracy Hightower has gorgeous eyes and a steely gaze, and that ‘stache just won’t quit. Glibs hopes he was just posing for this picture because he is missing both ear and eye protection.



Down here we call that shaking your moneymaker. Mars rover Curiosity will vibrate its inlet funnel in an attempt to remove a speck of debris left on the inlet screen after the last drill sample was delivered. Pretty good for a rover her age. Fans of MRC will recall that her younger cousin, Perseverance is so loose that the samples slip right out.,



SOMEHOW WE MISSED IT: The 660th Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling championship happened this July. The manly contestants are slathered with olive oil and clad in leather pants, as is the tradition.



MARK TWAIN WAS RIGHT: Virginia School Board pranked hard with list of joke names. h/t: Jack Mihov