Good morning my Glibs and Gliberinas!  And what an amazing day it always is!


Finally! Our grass was starting to die.  I really need to get our sprinkler system fixed.


FBI fires lead agent on Whitmer case, not for entrapping people but for wife beating.


This is going exactly how I thought it would.


This is going exactly how I thought it would.


Enemy of the people.


One of the most accurate polling company for the last two election cycles finds that the majority of Americans do not support Biden’s fascistic vaccine mandate.


State Department silent for a week as congressional office asked for help evacuating Americans.


I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.


I have mixed feelings on Democrats going completely batshit. I have great sympathy for them, but it makes our inevitable divorce a lot easier.


TikTok eclipses YouTube.


That’s all I for today (damn, it’s a lot).  I’ll leave you with a song and go enjoy the downpour of sweet glorious rain.