I hope the next home game looks like this.

We’re about to find out if the USWNT really does want equal pay. The Giants and Dodgers have clinched playoff berths. The White Sox and Brewers should be next.  But the real fun is going to be the wild card races in the AL and the chase for the second spot in the NL.  Stay tuned! The Buffalo Bills join the fascism movement. And no, I don’t think I’m exaggerating seeing as they had the county officials there making statements at the press conference. and also because you will be required to produce an official government document or registration with a government clearinghouse to be let in. Ronaldo scored but ManUre lost to Young Boys, Bayern thumped Barcelona, Chelsea won, as did Juventus in the first day of group play in the UCL.  More games on tap today. And that’s sports.


Famous explorer Marco Polo was born on this day. He shares it with American novelist James Fenimore Cooper, president and chief justice William Howard Taft, makeup artist Max Factor, auto racing legend Antonio Ascari, automaker Ettore Bugatti, mystery writer Agatha Christie, baseball manager Dave Garcia, pitcher Gaylord Perry, Zimbabwean president Emmerson “The Crocodile” Mnangagwa, actor Tommy Lee Jones, filmmaker Oliver Stone, football player Dan Marino, actor Tom Hardy, and beta cuck Prince Harry.

Right, let’s get to…the links!

Here’s a cool expose on trying to figure out who might want to exercise their First Amendment rights. Complete with government mouthpieces decrying the action in an attempt to chill free speech.  You go, CNN!

Sorry, but this isn’t good enough. They effectively covered up a crime for personal gain. But the story here is short on those details. It’s actually quite egregious.  But it’s good to be the king’s men.

Saint George Of Fentanyl

The next George Floyd murder trials begin. One is a case of double jeopardy, and the others are a case of charging people who didn’t actively participate in an act.

The headline is an interesting spin on the facts. An alternate headline could be: “General commits treason”. or even “General and House Speaker engage in a coup”.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL. In all honesty, this should be the status quo. Hopefully it becomes so rather than her getting to claim some kind of anti-woman motivation and being lauded for her bravery.

I have no idea how it’s still as high as it is. But team players gonna be team players.


This stupid fuck will say anything to cover his own ass. He knows good and well that vaccinated spread is as likely to cause mutations as unvaccinated spread. But he’s banking on you not knowing that.

Wow, could San Francisco get something right? I’m skeptical, but hopeful.

Uh, how is this a crime? He literally did nothing wrong.

Not sure I was able to maintain my more lighthearted links theme today.  Sorry if I failed.  Also, RIP Norm. You were the best.

Here’s a very nice song for you to enjoy. Hope you like it .

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