Last week was the second anniversary of my writing GlibFit 4.0. None of you sent me a gift or even a card. Now I know how Winston’s Mom feels. You know what? You look fat in your jeans.




Some of you drink diet soda. You probably reason (drink!) you are avoiding the calories found in regular soda. Ergo, you are losing weight or you are avoiding the calories and weight gain from those calories. I have some bad news for you.


The folks at JAMA did a study. The study is not about racism, masking, or Covid-19 so I’m going to give it some credence; Gell-Mann amnesia effect be damned. 74 participants who drank soda with nonnutritive sweetener (NNS) were given soda flavored with sucralose. In the two hours following consumption, participants showed increased brain activity related to appetite and food cravings. They also had decreased hormones related to satiety. In other words, the diet soda caused the participants to feel hungrier.


Demonstration of the well-known “denim effect.” Wearing this fabric is known to increase viewer perception of the size of a woman’s gluteal area.


But surely, consuming NNS must be healthier than sugar since sugar creates so many physical problems. I have more bad news for you.


In a separate study, researchers surveyed about 104,000 participants on their dietary choices over an 18-month period, including beverage types, and compared that data to cardiovascular events in that group within a 10-year timeframe. They found those with the most frequent consumption of both sugary drinks and artificially sweetened beverages had higher cardiovascular events compared to those who did not have these types of drinks. That means the “diet” drinks were not more protective compared to the non-NNS type. So, that diet soda isn’t doing you any good in any way.


OT: I watched Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer.” The idea he is anti-transgender is ridiculous. He was funny, passionate, and heartfelt. He absolutely drew a line when it came to denying the reality of biological sex. At the same time, he clearly sees the humanity in every transgender person. He told a moving story about a transgender comic he befriended. The friendship grew from the potential and guts he saw in a fellow comic, not from her sexuality. You would have to be a shrill activist to have it in for this guy.


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