A repost, but to give context on how complete and dominating this victory was


Remember last week’s alignment of Saturn with Venus and MERCURY RETROGRADE that portended a massive ending?  Well poor Venus not only has to deal with that shit, but gets and additional alignment of the Sun with Jupiter retrograde.  It’s a really bad time to be in love.  Well, at least until Wednesday when this whole thing breaks apart.  Also then Jupiter goes station direct, thank the stars.  It’s been a while, but there should be an increase in inexplicable good moods and fewer jokes at your expense.  Thursday Mercury joins Jupiter in direct motion, so expect a surge in things making rather more sense than they have been.


My eight month old has her very own bitch.


Libra will benefit most from Mercury going direct of course, with Thursday being particularly lucky.  While Libra won’t have everything going for it, it will have almost everything.  Venus is at its greatest zodiacal distance from the sun being off in Sagittarius.  So good news love-wise for them, and also for those governed by Sagittarius (soldiers, prophets, teachers, precision sportspeople).  Honestly, if you’re a woman who falls into one of those categories that is also born under that sign life is going to be just great.  While soldiers get that benefit, sailors will also be having a pretty good time since Aquarius gets the Father/Son duo going direct (after Wednesday, at least).


Lily with one of her good friends, Freya


Libra:  The Hermit reversed – Concealment, disguise, policy, fear, unreasoned caution.

Scorpio:  The Lovers – Attraction, love, beauty, trials overcome.

Sagittarius:  Eight of Coins reversed – Voided ambition, vanity, cupidity, exaction, usury.  This card can also signify someone particularly clever plotting against you.

Capricorn:  Ten of Swords reversed – Advantage, profit, success, favor, but none of these are permanent; also power and authority.

Aquarius:  Three of Swords – Just ride it out.  Next week will probably be better.

Pisces:  Justice reversed – Law in all its departments, legal complications, bigotry, bias, excessive severity.

Aries:  Judgement reversed – Weakness, pusillanimity, simplicity, deliberation, decision, sentence.

Taurus:  Ace of Coins – Perfect contentment, felicity, ecstasy, speedy intelligence, gold.

Gemini:  Nine of Swords reversed – Imprisonment, suspicion, doubt, reasonable fear, shame.

Cancer:  Eight of Wands reversed – Jealousy, internal dispute, stingings of conscience, quarrels.

Leo:  Queen of Wands reversed – Good, economical, obliging, serviceable, opposition, jealousy, deceit, infidelity.

Virgo:  Four of Coins – The surety of possessions, cleaving to that which one has, gift, legacy, inheritance.


Mud mane? Don’t care. Am happy.