Okay Seinfeld fans.  We’ll talk about an episode of Seinfeld, since society keeps finding ways to make those four sociopaths relevant.

This is my review of Schneiderweisse Hopfenweisse:

So why is Jerry relevant again?  First there was this moron on Twitter that described how capitalism handles excess food.  TL/DR:  its just a video of a female worker in her 20’s throwing away a bunch of donuts at Dunkin Donuts.  Which I suppose is par for the course for Dunkin given they make most of their money selling coffee while their donuts pass as donuts from a theoretical level.  They are fried, sugary, and have holes.

Of course the reason she is throwing them away has little to do with capitalism, but the regulations involved with donating food.  Oddly enough poor people are, legally speaking, people and food safety regulations apply to them as well.  Here are a few resources to peruse through in case you ever want to donate food to hungry people and/or hate yourself enough to peruse food regulations.

Had we lived in a communist system the way this worker presumably is advocating, there would be precious few donuts.  Likely a donut ration limited to one donut per month would be implemented, it would take several hours of waiting in line for the donut, and the donut would probably suck.  Let alone a discussion on a variety of donuts from which to choose or “fancy donuts” with sprinkles.

Even if there weren’t regulations on donated food, the episode of Seinfeld with the muffin top store is the most likely scenario to play out.  Here Elaine gets the bright idea of selling muffin tops since that’s the only part of the muffin she eats, and tells somebody at a party. After walking around the neighborhood she finds somebody eating a muffin top and discovers the man she told the idea to opened the store.  She then convinces him that instead of making muffin tops by themselves, make the entire muffin.  What to do with the excess stumps?

”I dunno donate them to a soup kitchen.”

They later find out local charities will not accept muffin stumps because, “are the poor not good enough for the entire muffin?”  The rest of the episode is them trying to get rid of the stumps and the typical Seinfeld mayhem ensues.  The poor are people after all, and if you are being charitable perhaps they are deserving of a something other than a stale donut.


Okay so I will admit the Germans finally tried something out of the box.  This is not just an ordinary unfiltered Hefeweizen.  They hopped the schnitzel out this beer and at 8.2% abv they essentially made some sort of IPA – Hefeweizen hybrid.  Which on paper is off putting for somebody like myself that hates bananas snd overhopped beer.

Turns out its not terrible, because the hops overwhelm the banana-scented floaters. Schneiderweisse Hopfenweisse: 2.8/5