AUTHOR’S NOTE:  The original submission was a bit perishable:  the following was submitted before the now-past week 8 NCAAF games.  Updates at the bottom were added after those week 8 games.


What never changes is the popularity of broken thinking and getting away with broken thinking.  Indeed, a couple of guys are kings at getting away with being wrong . . . publicly . . . . repeatedly:  Jim Cramer and Bill Kristol.  I imagine most Glibs noticed Scott Horton’s dissection of Kristol recently allthewhile (doG help me, I was crying laughing as) Kristol berated Horton for, AND I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, not learning the lessons of history.


Cramer is another one who denies fundamentals:  oh that’s old thinking, this is a new market, the old rules don’t apply any more . . . essentially fanning the flames of  a run on tulip bulbs, and then he issues some tiny mea culpa after each towering correction shows the sham that his sermons had been all along.




While we’re at it, I was sure in these pages that everyone who ever wanted to vote Trump had done so in 2016, but 2020 showed me that there were another 11 millions who wanted a bite at that particular apple.  This from a guy who somehow washes a pen with his underwear at least once a year and can’t find his spectacles because they’re on the top of his head.



But back to tulip mania:  ’tis everywhere.  It’s the very human condition.  In the marginal US oil field, lift costs as low as $30 per barrel can be found; in Saudi Arabia the incremental barrel costs less than $3 to produce, and yet for some reason folks are paying $80 for good old WTI these days.  I believe in markets, but that market, like Cramer, is insane; I don’t know when The Barrel returns to $40, but I’ll be here for you when it does.


Tops amongst broken thinking vectors is the over-reaction.  In love, politics, and football, the recent weighs too heavily:  we’re burned, and we’re mad.  The other speculative over-reaction is the wild hare:  hoping to profit by piling on a long shot before the band wagon loads up.  Which is a long way of saying Bama ain’t fifth and Coastal Carolina ain’t anything.  Michael Wilbon just announced Bama should rank ten.  Now I’m the furthest animal from a Bama fan, but there are not four teams that are better than them just because they lost at Kyle Field last week.  (Sidebar:  I’m the furthest animal from an A&M fan although I’ve certainly stood for an entire couple of games there).


Anyway, the easiest thing in the world is to point out the excesses of over-reaction, so, again, I answer again the question of

Who’s the most over-rated?!11?1!?

  1. San Diego State
  2. Coastal Carolina
  3. Brigham Young
  4. Michigan State
  5. Southern Methodist
  6. Kentucky
  7. Oregon
  8. Wake Forest
  9. Arkansas
  10. Cincinnati
  11. Mississippi
  12. Iowa
  13. Oklahoma State

That was easy.  Oh, and Most Under-rated:  Florida.


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  okay, that was the old.  Now we can come to the new


Week in Review


  1. Brigham Young:  lost and fell over six spots and out of the AP25
  2. Kentucky:  lost and fell four spots
  3. Arkansas:  lost and fell over eight spots and out of the AP25
  4. Iowa:  lost and fell ten spots

Okay, those heads are on the wall.  So who are the new

Most Over-rated!!!!

  1. UT San Antonio
  2. San Diego State
  3. Coastal Carolina
  4. Southern Methodist
  5. Michigan State
  6. Wake Forest
  7. Oregon
  8. Purdue
  9. Mississippi
  10. North Carolina State
  11. Cincinnati
  12. Oklahoma State