For those that can’t rock the Tweeters, the guy has a sign that has “I Like Dave” on it, a protestor breaks off his sign and rips it up. Then, while holding the broken-off stick that was once his sign, a few of them yell “HE’S GOT A WEAPON!” (the protest version of SWATting) and make him drop it. When he tries to yell over them–a very anodyne “JOKES ARE FUNNY!”–a short something or other starts shaking a tambourine in his face and they all scream to drown him out.

And, now covered in glory, they will retreat to their hobbit holes, eat two dinners, and dream about the mighty dragon they have slain.

‘F*CK Joe Biden’ Chant Drowns Fox ALCS Postgame Show One Day After They Muted ‘F*CK YOU A-Rod’

Despite being forced to mute most of their ALCS postgame show Monday night because of impassioned and unruly Red Sox fans, Fox kept their studio crew outside of Fenway Park Tuesday night.

The crowd was back at it with profane chants, but this time, Fox was less heavy-handed with the mute button. After attempting to block out as many “F*CK YOU A-ROD” and “F*CK ALTUVE” chants as they could on Monday, Fox allowed shouts of “F*CK Joe Biden” to enter the broadcast 24-hours later.

At one point during the broadcast, the at-home audience was able to hear four consecutive profane anti-Biden chants without disruption from the mute button. As for A-Rod, he still had to deal with chants of “Yankees Suck,” and “J-Lo,” to mercilessly mock his heartbreak after getting dumped by Jennifer Lopez.

While Red Sox fans joined the accrescent “f*ck Joe Biden” chants at sporting events, they depicted much more support for the current president one-year ago. Biden dominated Trump in Beantown, garnering 65 percent of the votes in Massachusetts and 80 percent in Suffolk County, where Boston sits.

It must have been such an ordeal for this writer, this tenderest of souls, to live through such a nightmare. I hope he gets therapy for his PTSD.

While Red Sox fans joined the accrescent “f*ck Joe Biden”

I will give him a point for “accrescent” (growing, blooming as in a flower.) You really got your 100K in college loan debt worth on that word.

World’s oldest ghost drawing, depicting a horny old spirit, found on 3,500-year-old Babylonian tablet

The Guardian tells us that the Babylonian clay tablet in question has been hanging out in the British Museum’s vast stores of ill-gotten imperial plunder. Its exact significance went overlooked until the ghost drawing was noticed by the Museum’s Middle Eastern department curator and cuneiform expert, Dr. Irving Finkel.

The tablet shows “a lonely bearded spirit being led into the afterlife and eternal bliss by a lover” and comes from a 3,500-year-old Babylonian “exorcist’s guide to getting rid of unwanted ghosts by addressing the particular malaise that brought them back to the world of the living.”

Though it’s hard to make out without the overlaid outline, the tablet’s ghost is depicted with his wrists bound, being led by a woman. The tablet includes text which “details a ritual that would dispatch [the ghost] happily to the underworld.”

“It’s obviously a male ghost and he’s miserable,” Dr. Finkel said. “You can imagine a tall, thin, bearded ghost hanging about the house did get on people’s nerves.”

The solution to this spectral problem, Dr. Finkel states, is an “explicit message” on the tablet, showing “that what this ghost needed was a lover.”

The back of the tablet includes a detailed instruction manual for the ritual used to get rid of the ghost, which required making “figurines of a man and a woman” that, along with other special steps involving beer, juniper, and doll clothes, are put in the right position during sunrise while the name of a god is called out. It’s not the most elaborate way to help get someone laid we’ve ever heard of, but it’s certainly up there.