Jeez, dude. Pay attention.

Well unfortunately the Braves fell apart. But other than that, it was a glorious sports day. The Astros got their shit together (albeit late) and evened the ALCS. Liverpool beat Athletico on the road. And I got my flights booked for the Ohio State-Penn State night game. (Almost) all is right with the world. At least temporarily. Chris Sale is on the hill for Boston today, so my excitement for that series will probably take a dip this afternoon. And that’s sports.


English astronomer and architect Christopher Wren was born on this day. He shares it with such heavyweights as philosopher and educational genius (Learn By Doing) John Dewey, businessman Alfred Vanderbilt, actor Bela Lugosi, jazzman Jelly Roll Morton, neutron discoverer James Chadwick, banjo wizard Grandpa Jones, HOF slugger and power drinker Mickey Mantle, HOF hurler Juan Marichal, rocker Tom Petty, first baseman Keith Hernandez, filmmaker Danny Boyle, wrestler Razor Ramon, actor Viggo Mortensen, soccer legend Ian Rush, supercop Kamala Harris, actor William Zabka, rapper Snoop Dogg, and actor John Krasinski.

Right, now on to…the links!

The real Katie Hill

Here’s some incredible cringe. Like the cringiest cringe you’ll cringe at all day. It’s an incredible reframing of a pretty simple story of sexual intimidation and wrongdoing.

They should have put it in a cop for the added lulz. But aside from that, this is a hell of an achievement. Mankind is awesome.

They don’t even get through the first paragraph before lying to carry the Biden admin’s water. I also like the framing that the IRS could do this at any moment.  As if their blanket “ability to collect taxes” gives then carte blanche to violate our Fourth Amendment right to privacy.  Scumbags.

“Warns” it will drop? Hell, that’s about the only good news about this horrible piece of shit. And these shitheads are lamenting that fact.

I take back everything bad I ever said about In-N-Out. Well, everything except what I said about their fries. They still suck.

Smug asshole is smug

I guess this passes for nonpartisan reporting these days. Sorry, John, but you can assess your own risk and we can do the same. And it’s you that can shut (the fuck) up.

This guy is really bad at campaigning. But he’s still got a good chance of winning because who counts the votes is more important than who casts the votes.

This is gonna get even messier. I didn’t think that was possible, but now I do.  It’s gonna get even better when the mayor says the fully vested can’t get their pensions if they retire in order to avoid the vaccine.

“Your body belongs to the state” -The US Supreme Court. Useless fuckers.

“I learned it from watching you.” -Texas republicans to Illinois Dems. Useless fuckers, all of them.  End the Permanent Apportionment Act and this doesn’t happen anywhere.

This is a little more modern than most of what I play.  But it deserves the play.  Enjoy it.

And enjoy your day, dear friends!