SP and I are unusual in that we can be cooped up in a car and motel rooms for eight grueling days and not kill each other. But we did get our mission done, and as a side bit of fun, got to see mexican sharpshooter and eat at a very Lebanese restaurant. We’ll be home tonight, with luck. And with a pile of wine.

Tales From The Woke, left over from last week: One of our staff rushed in, and with breathless panic announced that the night before (Halloween), there had been a group of people dressed as Klansmen spotted walking around campus. Several of the other staff gathered around, gasped, and all agreed how horrible this was and that something needed to be done about it IMMEDIATELY. They turn to look at me for affirmation. Rather than say the obvious (“You’re in a firmly left wing Northeastern town with a highly woke vastly international student population and a long history of abolitionism. If you took all the actual Klansmen among the 330 million population in the US, you MIGHT be able to fill a high school auditorium. Do you remember Jesse Smollett or the blanket-walk of shame incident from Oberlin? What do you think the chances are that this actually happened? Zero?”), I nodded gravely and merely asked, “Did you actually see this?” “No, but the school sent out an email that they take this seriously and they’re investigating it!” Oh, OK.

My hope is that some years down the road, this lad (an actually nice kid but… delicate) will remember that simple question and have an Aha! moment.

Hope, not expect.

Birthdays today include an interesting guy who was hungry, hungry; the true hero of the Civil War; a brother who was a better actor but a worse shot; a guy who presciently wrote, “I used to think meanly of the plumber, but how he shines beside the politician!”; a liberal from when that term actually meant something; a guy who was a total bastard, but our total bastard; star of one of only two exceptions to my rule of “all movies that end in a number will suck”; a guy who elevated trolling into fine performance art; one of the last of the honest TV journalists; a guy whose career jumped the shark; a bullet we dodged; proof that success in Hollywood demands brainlessness; and yet more proof, a guy far dumber yet more successful than his erstwhile partner.

Anyway, here’s some Links.




Following the tradition of my first wife, who was an enforcer for the Lady Badgers.


Team Blue, totally not antisemitic.


“I have bad news and worse news.” Nonetheless, she’s our next president, because Team Red is even more moronic.


Our fine educational system. Delicate flowers too tired to do their job.


Dude, you’re not Catholic.


Sullivan gets it right. Now, Andy, try applying the same thing to your virulent anti-Israel ranting.


Old Guy Music is a sieve. A minority of you will have ever experienced this. A minority of the minority will remember the name of the band. And a minority of those will know the actual identity of the band.