Veteran’s Day has changed a fair amount, for me, over the years. It started out with me thanking Dad and Uncle Jack for what they did.

Dad, 1946


Uncle Jack, 1943


Then I joined up, and it was mostly a day of “Hey, I am one of them now!” … but not in the same league.

Then Bosnia, then Afghanistan, then Iraq. Suddenly the day was filled with meeting up with, or calls to my buddies from old units and the like. I really was one of them now!

This year, it is changed again. Afghanistan crumbled, and most of the people I worked with there are dead or have gone to ground somewhere. I don’t feel like talking to my old Afghanistan buddies, because it is still too bitter and too soon.

I suppose someday I might get back to enjoying the day, but today I am just going to gnaw on some boneless wings from a local place, and hoist a couple of strong beers.


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