My role model

STEVE SMITH had wayyyyy too much brandied eggnog over the weekend, so I have managed to seize the Links back.

Yesterday, right after I visited my elderly parents (of course) I started running down, hard and fast…cough, aches, runny nose, etc. Fook. I slept 10 hours and went and got the swab up the nose this morning…no rapid tests available and no home test kits anywhere. So, I get to isolate until I get results (24 hours, usually). I kind of hope I have it to get this over with, but I sure don’t want my parents to have any issues. This rambling is a result of my messed up head, and preemptory excuse making for the poor links.

  • Paging Not Adahn, Not Adahn to the red prophesy phone.
  • Maybe New York should listen to this guy.
  • For sportsball trash talk, this is kind of mild.
  • Civil war in Europe sure looks different now.

I am going to go lie down now – go OT all you want.