Author: Brett L

Thursday Afternoon Links — Documentation Hell Edition

I’m stuck in documentation hell. After I finish the design overview, I can start mapping data fields. Or I can go on hunt to figure out where all my reference hyperlinks should go. Oh, and then I can do a what-if analysis on technical risk for the PM. I already checked, none of my appendages will fit into the shredder

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Tuesday Afternoon Links

In SPORTZBALL stuff, the Astros really need more practice winning stuff, as their World Series banner unveiling went… poorly. Thank goodness for men with lawn equipment and a purpose.

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Monday Afternoon Back-to-Work Links

I heard a lot of complaining this morning that Winter won’t leave. I feel it, too. Why, we were out on the beach yesterday and it was really too cold for anyone except the little kids, the Canadians, and people with at least 4 inches of blubber around their body to stay in the water.

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