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Tuesday Afternoon Links

Happy I Got Nuthin’ Tuesday. South Korea seeks to assure citizens that the US will not strike North Korea preemptively. I can’t decide which Animal House clip will be more correct at this time next year — (A) or (B) Lol, can’t tell whether Notorious RBG is senile or just fired off a sick burn. How we can blame Canada for AGW! Any of my professors would have chewed my ass if I submitted that first chart on an assignment. How crazy was 2016? The Cubs raised the Championship flag for 2016 last night. As someone who cheered the Cardinals during my stint in IL, this hurt to watch. If you only work on your malware during the traditional workday, Symantec thinks you’re a CIA hacker. But you could be the Walter White of hacking. 3D printing titanium. Plus, the process is called rapid plasma deposition. And for music, Suicidal Tendencies. I always loved their sense of...

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Monday Afternoon Links

Happy Monday. Sloopy got his pool painted, I’m getting someone out to handle mine. Because although I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, I don’t care to fuck with it when someone else can handle it cheap. Specialization, its not just for insects! Wells Fargo will be taking $75M back from former executives who fostered a culture of fraud. Funny, no word about the key bad player seeing any sort of legal consequences. I think Lord Humungus will be safe from this — I can’t even say it with a straight face– hybrid Ford High Speed Police Interceptor. I’m sorry, but the Ford Fusion will never strike terror into my heart. Of all the bad ideas I’ve heard about US-Iran relations, backing the Shah’s son for a return to Iran may be the worst. Whoa, shit, did I set the alarm clock too early? Bears in Sierras confused at all the white stuff on the ground as they emerge from hibernation. I blame AGW. Run walk away! Brain eating parasite spread by snails in Hawaii....

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Friday Morning Links

In case you cis-workers needed another excuse to shirk work, leave early, and drink beer, beloved commenter Jimbo (of the non-papal variety) reminds us that it is National Beer day. Whether you drink the mass-produced rice beer of the megacorp, or your own lovingly crafted homebrew, have one for a good cause. Before you get too buzzed, here’s a nice piece about Hayek, collective knowledge, and why government interventionism never works. Visiting Auschwitz recently I was struck not by the “industrialisation” of death – it is a surprisingly low-tech place – but the “nationalisation” of death: the bureaucratic central planning and meticulous hierarchical organisation of mass murder: it takes a government to do an Auschwitz. Speaking of governments killing people, the US fired cruise missiles at Syria. A part of me hopes that this is the fig-leaf cover of “doing something” that the US has long committed to do when NBC weapons are deployed by anyone, anywhere. The rest of me thinks Trump just shoved America’s wang back in the meat-grinder. And as a Florida man, that concerns me. Seattle’s mayor apparently liked helping troubled teenage boys back in the ’80s. By buying them crack and paying for sex. As libertarians, we don’t get too stirred up about voluntary transactions of money for sex or drugs, but I do wonder if the Seattle Times would have waited until the fourth...

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