Author: Derpetologist

Finding Freedom in an Unfree World

“The important thing is to concentrate upon what you can do – by yourself, upon your own initiative.” -Harry Browne This post is a condensed version of Harry Browne’s book How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World.  Harry Browne was an author and businessman who was the Libertarian Party’s nominee for president in 1996 and 2000. Freedom means being able to live your life the way you want to. The more free you are, the more time you spend on what you want to do, instead what you are forced to do or feel obligated to do. The...

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The Derponomicon: Part 7

I could eat alphabet soup and shit something that makes more sense than this. In this installment the prog speaks on public sector unions: On public sector unions…..Is it not ironic that the very people that demonize and whip up anger about public sector unions are public sector government workers that worked to be elected to office, so they could have insane salaries that they could raise on their own anytime, lifetime benefits, and a pension….All at the expense of THE TAXPAYERS. The very same people in fact who will happily pass billions on tax cuts for the wealthiest...

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The Derponomicon: Part 6

“You’re traveling into area that’s next to a place that’s beside a location.
The sort of place that might contain a monster or some sort of magic mirror.
These are just some examples.
It could also be something really, really stupid.”

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