Author: Heroic Mulatto

Behold The Face of the Destroyer!

I remember the day Senator Haramabe was assassinated in Cincinnati. I had just finished jerking off to some Jade Kush porno when I felt a sudden pain in my heart. I did not know where this pain came from. I went to and looked at the news: “Senator Harambe (OH-I) gunned down at the Cincinnati Zoo”. My heart sank. Senator Harambe was a champion in deficit spending reform and his economic policies were on the level of Ron Paul’s. I mourned for several days as I wished the Senator was still around. Man, I miss him!

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Après Trump, le déluge

Donald enters the secret bathroom he had installed next to Ivanka’s office. Donald sits down on his gold lined toilet seat ready to enjoy 2 Big Macs while he watches Ivanka through one of the many peep holes he’s had installed in the White House. This is Donny’s alone time it’s very special to him.

Ivanka enters her office. She seems so relieved once she shuts and locks the door. She removes her top, her jacket and her pants leaving her in nothing but her panties and bra. Ivanka says “Alexa, play Melissa Etheridge Come To My Window”. Softly lip syncing the words, Ivanka stops to admire herself in the mirror giving herself a smile of approval. Donny, in his secret bathroom, fully erect and fully expecting Ivanka to open her wardrobe and pick out an outfit, is shocked and sickened as to see what’s inside the wardrobe, it’s definitely not clothing. Cut outs, photos, even a poster of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez line the inner doors of the wardrobe. A few candles burn with a professionally done photo of AOC at the center with what looks like a tuft of black hair. Donny can’t believe his beedy little eyes. Ivanka looks longingly at the photo, sheds a single tear and just says “someday” as she closes the doors to the wardrobe. Donald takes a bite of his second Big Mac in sadness and solitude.

Meanwhile. Melania, relieved that Donny’s attention is on Ivanka, makes way for the White House laundry room where she meets Stephen Miller, Senior Policy Advisor. It’s been a few days since she’s seen Stephen, so she is ready. Stephen all of 1 1/2 inches is more than Melania is used to so it’s hard for her to keep quiet as Stephen ravishes her. “BE BEST!!! BE BEST!! BE BEST!!! BE BE BE BEESSSSSTTTTT!!!

Down the hall, after a few unsuccessful tinder dates, Donny Jr. has just finished Red Dead Redemption 2. Donny puts on his favorite cowboy hat and starts running up and down the White House halls yelling YEEEEEE HAAAAWWWW!!!! as he pretends to be on horseback. The White House staff is used to this and plays along greeting Donny Jr. with “Howdies” and “YEEE HAWWWS” of there own. Donny Jr. concludes his wild west gallop through the White House with visit to the White House kitchen for his favorite. Peanut butter jelly with the crust cut off and a glass of milk.

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Glibertarians After Dark

“Mickey’s Best Friend” is a controversial 10-minute cartoon that was shown in theatres on November 15, 1929. It was later banned and isn’t allowed to be shown again due to its history of causing psychological trauma to young children after viewing its content. The cartoon was animated by Ub Iwerks, with music composed by Carl Stalling. It was originally intended to be a Halloween-related short which revolved around Mickey Mouse and Eustace, an anthropomorphic dog character.

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Glibertarians After Dark: My New Fetish

I once trolled a libtard so hard his eyes rolled out of their eye sockets and then worms rose from the ground to eat the eyeballs. Then they consumed the libtard, resulting a brutal painful death, and then a huge bird arrived and ate the libtard’s corpse. After that, the Skeleton King came down from above slashed the corpse in half with his sword, which looked pretty fucking metal, and ate it raw. Then he sunk into the underworld and all that was left was me doing the Fortnight dance. Mark Dice then came out of the darkness and said that I was the Ultimate Libtard Destroyer. He clapped so hard that the whole world began to shake and to scream from this amazing act, and then as soon Mark said “When you destroy a libtard, epic style,” the world began to rawr! (Yes, rawr!!!) And this caused the world to split in two, but unfortunately it turned out that a hellish beast came out of the center of the earth and it clapped with us. Then the world exploded.

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The Perfect Youtube Comment

The Reynolds equation, first derived by Osborne Reynolds in 1886, is a partial differential equation which describes the flow of a thin lubricant film between two surfaces. It is derived from the Navier-Stokes equations and is one of the fundamental equations of classical lubrication theory. The principles of the theory are derived from the observation that the lubricant can be treated as isoviscous and laminar and the fluid film is of negligible curvature. The classical Reynold’s equation can be derived from the Navier-Stokes equations and the equation of continuity under assumptions of: constant viscosity, Newtonian lubricant; thin film geometry; negligible body force; and no-slip boundary conditions.

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39 Days Until CATCON 2018

Heyy 41y/o Glibertarian contributor looking for serious girl that;s into kittenplay/ddlg for a big polyamorous family :3 <3 i would love to have a house of like 3-5 kitty girls i would love to make a special playroom in my house with carpet and fluffy blankets and full of stuffies pillows and toys and a big closet with cute clothes and costumes and many kitty ears tails and collars i would give every kitty a special engraved kitty collar tag and i would give each girl a special cage designed to her liking comfort and style so she could sleep in it or when she has a time out go in there :3 <3

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