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Your Daily Minute of Pathos

Puna caparaṃ, bhikkhave, bhikkhu seyyathāpi passeyya sarīraṃ sivathikāya chaḍḍitaṃ ekāhamataṃ vā dvīhamataṃ vā tīhamataṃ vā uddhumātakaṃ vinīlakaṃ vipubbakajātaṃ. So imameva kāyaṃ upasaṃharati: ‘ayaṃ pi kho kāyo evaṃdhammo evaṃbhāvī evaṃanatīto’ ti.

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I sexually identify as a Pokémon. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of having my name called and hurling through the air to fight against monsters. People say to me that being a pocket monster is impossible and I’m some sort of deviant for thinking I could be. But I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon change my appearance to that of a puce psionically-gifted cat/squirrel/kangaroo hybrid. From now on I want you guys to call me Mewtwo and encounter me in Cerulean Cave only after you have defeated the Elite Four in the Indigo Plateau. If you can’t do that you’re a Poképhobe and need to check your capture privileges. Thank you for being so understanding.

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Thicc Thursday

??Shalom sluts ? happy ✡?️ Hanukkah✡️ ? spin ?spin? SPIN on daddy’s dreidel✡️ ?????then ✡️I’ll hanuk-cum on yoUr latke? ?OoOooo ?some ??️hano౦kkah ?️sHit is about to go dOwn tonight??? YoU?️ light ?mY ?menorah? and mAke me want to? Dip my ✡️latke iN your ?apple ?sauCE Oooooo ?I’ll wear my?? yarlmu-cum?? and ?pEnetrate ??you like how ?? Israel ?? penetrAtEs?? the ??Palestinian?? territories ?????? ill mAkE u hanuk-?cum ??8 TIMES ? for the eiGHT 8️⃣ days ?puRIFying? the ?HOly Temple ? and I’ll ?SPANK ??you like the ?Maccabees ?sPAnked ??Antiochus IV Epiphanes? in ?Jerusacum ??????

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Happy Thiccsgiving!

Fucking vegans shoving their morals down our throats.

Look, we’ve evolved to eat ass. That’s why we have canine teeth. Animals in the wild eat ass all the time, so why would you give me flack for just going along with nature? I’m not a fucking herbivore.

The human body needs ass to function; if I were to stop eating them, I would go weak. Don’t you get shaky and pale on a non-ass diet? Supplements aren’t enough, and fake ass is disgusting.

At the end of the day, I just think my love of ass trumps the rights of ass. I mean, it’s just ass. It’s non-sentient. I’m an intelligent adult, and so I clearly fall into a different moral category.

Just fuck off and let me eat ass.

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2017: The Year In Reveiw

Someone PLEASE provide me with some nasty pics of these two. I’m the type of person that always ships two characters whenever I watch a cartoon….and for ‘Arthur’, it was this couple. Whenever I watched Arthur, I’d always pretend I was him, and I was trying to hook up with Sue Ellen – that’s why my favorite episode is the one where Sue Ellen lost her diary. That’s the episode where at the end, she hints at Arthur that she likes him. That’s the greatest episode of Arthur EVER – yet the show’s creators never really expanded on that. Instead, they continued to make references to Arthur and Francine being together. Fuck Francine; she looks like a monkey. I wouldn’t mind if it was Muffy – she got a monkey face too but at least she’s light-skinned. With Sue Ellen, you got the best of everything: she’s light-skinned, got a cute face, plus the ass was fat.

I also wouldn’t mind that rabbit bitch who always had her hair over her eyes; I think her name was Molly. She never used to get my dick hard until that episode ‘Arthur Makes Waves’, where she came out wearing this sexy swimsuit, showin’ off her B cups and them sexy white legs. Bitch was lookin’ thicc as fuck…the ass was fat. Anyway, I digress.

The point is, I wanna see some pictures of Arthur diggin’ out Sue Ellen. Jesus Christ, I’ve been fantasizing about Sue Ellen ever since that episode where she was wearing that green bikini when she went to the beach with Arthur, Buster, Brain and Binky. Oh God, y’all should’ve seen this bitch in that bikini. She was lookin’ fine. The ass was fat, and you could tell she had some good-ass pussy.

I’ve already tried Googling for some quality pics but I got nothing more than the same 3 pictures I’ve already seen a million times. Please help, my fellow Glibs!

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Thicc Thursday

Look…I know I got here because of the thiccness, but reading your posts, I just caught myself in love with your face and your personality (at least the one you show in your avatar). You have such an amazing face! Your “Afro” is the exact right size, not too thick and not “barely there”. Your vocabulary is big (which i consider a very good thing). Your cheeks are full and soft and probably good to kiss. Your eyes are so bright and light, just like 2 diamonds, and the expressions your eyebrows gave out are just formidable. You are one of a kind, and managed to drag my eyes from your comments in the morning and afternoon links all the way up to your contributed posts to Glibertarians. Heroic Mulatto you look soo good! Oh, you look so good! By the way, I’m taken, so those compliments are just sincere ones.

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Big Fat Anime Titties

When was the last time you shitposted correctly? When was the last time you shitposted with purpose? It is time to make shitposting great again! We must stop shitposting for nothing and remember its history and importance in blog and forum commenting. By shitposting, we show our fellow community members that we have a cordial relationship and mutual respect. The more shitposts we place under an article, the more respect we give to that contributor. Shitposting deserves to be relevant again; we have to learn and teach how to do it properly.

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Thicc Thursday

Why would they take away our haven?

We have no safe place to chill and be ourselves or enjoy life.

Everyone wants us eliminated or dead.

The fact that violent Chads get hired more than basement dwellers shows how much of a threat society sees us as.

I feel like there is just no hope for us in America.

We get bullied by normies and then blamed for our own deaths.

We do everything right then when nothing comes of it we’re blamed for following the program.

Incels are FINISHED on Hit ‘n Run.

That’s why I tell my peoples invest in There is no future for us on that evil virgin-shaming website.

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You know it

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