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Wednesday Evening Links

If one was curious as to how one might bury a major breach notification, check here. According to RSA, the victims included five major defense contractors; four major telecommunications providers; 10+ western military...

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Monday Night Links

Judge slams litigation-trolling for cash. ““Plaintiffs sought relief they could not possibly obtain, with false and inflated damage numbers, in order to obtain settlements,” Arizona Attorney General Mark...

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Find the Lady

The assumption of growth will not be borne out in economic models reliant on ignoring true scarcity. Our economy is adding people to the economy at a faster rate than it is removing obsolete jobs and retirees. The scarcity being overlooked is job creation. It isn’t happening fast enough.

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Education Rorschach

When Mr. Hess made efforts to discuss a left bias with his fellow educators and colleagues, the response was, in part, to ask whether any possible bias was a “product of his imagination”. He would like you to judge for yourself.

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