Author: Lord Humungus

A Taste of Honey

Honey is not an item one thinks about very often unless you are fermenting a tasty mead, or like to use the natural sweetener on your morning toast. But there are lessons to be learned from honey: the effects of tariffs and as a parallel to the drug war.

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Millennials and Socialism

Yet over time, the millennials —arguably the most progressive generation since the ’30s—could drive our politics not only leftward, but towards an increasingly socialist reality, overturning many of the very things that long have defined American life. This could presage a war of generations over everything from social mores to economics and could well define our politics for the next decade.

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The Jerbs Curve

(Business 101: Pretty graphs make everything better) Imagine, if you will, a country or city-state called Libertopia.  We have just overthrown our evil socialist masters and made a new government from scratch.  By some magic...

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