Author: Mythical Libertarian Woman

Woke Charmed Recap 7: Out of Scythe

After some unusual seismic activity, Harry informs the sisters that Hilltowne is a portal to hell. That explains so much. With that said, the sisters must band together to fight off a shadowy demon that is trying to obtain a collection of powerful magical artifacts. Meanwhile, Macy is given an exciting opportunity at work which comes with unexpected complications.

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Woke Charmed Recap 3: Sweet Tooth

Another week, another episode of Woke Charmed! Last week’s episode was a little low on the social justice, but don’t worry — this week will more than make up for that. I know it’s a bit early in the day to drink, but fear not, I have assurances from the editors that starting next week we’ll switch back to these being posted in the evenings. Because it’s just too hard to get through this without an alcoholic beverage.

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