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Tuesday Morning Links

Well yesterday was full of surprises. The Indians, who won on Sunday as well, beat the Red Sox handily. The Yanks beat the lowly Mets. Team Canada beat the Rays. The Cubs beat up the Reds, even though Joey Votto is still hitting the cover off the ball. The Orioles beat the Marlins.  And of course, the Astros lost again.  YOU HAVE TO SCORE TO WIN, boys! The NBA released the 2017-2018 schedule. And I couldn’t care less.  And the Nature Boy is resting in the hospital after surgery for an undisclosed illness. He had been hospitalized for supposedly a heart...

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Wednesday Morning Links

How’s about I leave baseball scores alone for a day and regroup…much like the Astros need to do before they get into a routine where .500 ball is acceptable. No?  Fine. Nats lost, Yankees lost, Red Sox won, Rockies lost, D-backs beat the Dodgers, Orioles lost and the Twins won.  That should cover most, if not all, of the globs interest.  An ump got suspended for answering a question, an answer that contained little more than a joke about a little banter, and not much else happened.  Well, other than ESPN making a rather exclusionary list. I can only imagine the outrage...

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The (Small-l) Libertarian Case For a Non-Libertarian President

What is libertarianism’s best strategy to gain a legitimate amount of power nationally (and then happily cede it to the people)?
Sloopy believes there is a third, and overlooked, option.

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