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Wednesday Morning Links

I’m back!  What a last few days.  But I got through holding my first auction without a disgruntled seller trying to bash my head in or a disgruntled buyer trying to do the same.  I can’t ask for much more than that. A quick sports update (straight from the scores without any knowledge of how the games went) and then down to business.: A ten game slate on the ice yesterday…wow! Devils top the Blue Jackets. Rangers take down the Pens. Blues beat Les Canadiens. The Red Wings rolled over the Jets. Lightning strike six times in beating the Islanders....

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Friday Morning Links

Tiger shot -3 in his return to golf. I guess the ankle bracelet didn’t have an effect on his swing, but that interlock device on the cart sure is a bitch. In college basketball, Michigan State continues to impress with a win over Notre Dame. aTm also won. Seattle destroyed Houston 3-0 to win both legs of their MLS Cup semifinal with ease. They take on Toronto in a couple of weeks. The usual suspects all went through in the Spanish Copa del Rey. There was plenty of action on the ice with seven games last night.  The results:...

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