Author: Yusef the Unclean

Tales of the Belt, Part 11: Tuyani

We found and occupied the Anomaly nearly 1k local cycles ago, using the station for research on the third Planet, we found out they called it Earth. At first we were discrete, only gathering and mating with close genetics, and soon we discovered that they adapted to our dNA so well they became giants of their species.

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Tales of the Belt, Part 9: The Fall of Amazon – CCP

Until now, we had enjoyed peace and Commerce.  Established trade routes, Trillions of tons of Resources, Humans were on the Map! With such decentralised Governments as we had, the Free market blossomed like never before in History, with new colonies in the Asteroid belt, Ceres, Capernia and Hydra, new finds were being exploited on an almost weekly basis. Better still a consortium had cooked up a way to make cash, so we were on our way to the Gas giants, to explore and exploit, like the Explorers of old.

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