Every stadium will look like Tampa’s.

That NASCAR noose wasn’t noose. Although that doesn’t mean stupidity is anything other than stupidity. Oh wait, there’s also the possibility stupidity is actually mendacity. Looks like there will be baseball after all this year. I so hope someone bats .400 this year so writers can bitch about it. Spuds beat West Ham and Brighton drew Leicester. Five more EPL games on tap for today. And that’s sports.

The Lollipop Guild’s new community outreach program getting results.

Writer Ambrose Bierce was born on this day. He shares it with sociopathic British general Horatio Kitchener, boxer Jack Dempsey, basketball player and shoe salesman Chuck Taylor, TV’s Al Molinaro, guitar great Jeff Beck, drummer Mick Fleetwood, scumbag midget fuck Robert Reich, “Robocop” Peter Weller, keyboardist extraordinaire Patrick Moraz, and (arguably the best) soccer player (in the world) Lionel Messi.

That was a solid list, for a change. And now…the links!


Oh no! You mean politics plays a role in what prosecutors choose to pursue and not pursue? Stop the presses! I wonder if this is the same thing as, gee I don’t know, the last admin saying they won’t prosecute pot crime in states where pot is legal even though it’s a federal law? Nah, that was totally different…because orangemanbad or something.

I assume this tv personality won’t lose his job. Hell, he’ll probably wind up with an Emmy or something.

Fired?!?! Dude needs to be prosecuted, not just fired. Because when you violate a “policy” on the use of deadly force you’ve…murdered someone.

Apple, meet orange. Do these people even know what an apartheid state is? Because it usually doesn’t mean “everybody inside this territory have the same rights”, which is what is happening here.  Also, stop shooting rockets at schools.

Will he lead the first cavalry charge?

I have a solution to this: Just pull our troops out. It’s not like that little psychopath has a boat that can get across the Pacific.

I hope nobody tweeted that these “peaceful” people will be met with force. I’d hate to see the tweet get blocked. Also, it has officially become a mob with no real motivations beyond causing mass mayhem now. Oh wait, it was that two weeks ago, for the most part. Man, you’d almost have expected the people concerned solely with equality to have spoken out against the wanton violence by now. After all, staying silent is offering support to the bad guys, isn’t it?

The Hedgehog is in some legal trouble. As outspoken as he is, this will be an interesting case.

Well done, Apple. Now get rid of the bullshit Corona tracking firmware you have to manually turn off. (I may be using the term “firmware” incorrectly. I’m not a computer person. But they definitely put an update in their iOS that tracks you for Corona that has to be manually deactivated…and it probably doesn’t really deactivate it.)

Stop dreaming of the quiet life. Ha, I did that weeks ago. But you can start now with this great song.

Now have a wonderful day, friends!