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The Cathedral (how the great Michael Malice refers to the corporate media, academia, and the federal government complex) are not acting like a group that is winning and in control.  They are acting like cornered animals.  The recent and growing assault against Trump and right wingers on social media is the snarling and snapping of the powers that be, desperately trying to reinstate control.


As the late Breitbart use to say “politics is downstream of culture” and due to the internet, the Cathedral has been slowly losing control of culture over the past 20 years with it snowballing in conjunction with the improvements in technology.


Centralized media, first through radio, movies, then through television, was the great cultural unifier of America.  It brought our disparate nation together during the 20th century until the advent of the internet which started the slow decentralization of media.  The days of every household huddled around the radio and television to receive their Cathedral approved narrative is long gone.  In effect, we are seeing Americans living under different realities.  Those still living under the trance of the Cathedral and those who red-pilled at some point and broke free.  Red-pilling as Malice defines as “the belief that what is presented as fact by the corporate press is a carefully constructed narrative intentionally designed to keep some very unpleasant people in power”


Although red-pilling and blue-pilling is not a 100% right versus left thing, the left overwhelmingly are more blue-pilled than the right.  Being online more and watching television less attributes to red-pilling.  You can see the differences in the sources of media that the right wing versus the left wing consumes with 2020’s national party conventions.  Democrats won conventional network viewership and Republicans crushed Democrats in online viewership.  The left is still attached to the cord while the right is more likely to have cut the cord.


How does consumption of online media attribute to red-pilling? The Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is easier to break free when you read the comments on a news article on social media where an expert in the field tears the article to shreds, or a subject of the article on their social media page debunks/denounces the claims.  It is easier to show the corporate media’s blatant hypocrisy when you can show side by side tweets they have previously made and articles they have written side by side.  Most importantly, it is easier than ever to get your non-Cathedral approved viewpoints to a large audience.


The dying of the Cathedral’s media is no more apparent than in television ratings.  Network television has been on a steady decline.  2015 viewership combined was shy of 32 million.  Despite an increase in population and the government forcing the country to stay at home, viewership of network television over the last 5 years has dropped a third to shy of 21 million viewers.


Outside of cable news, one sees a steady decline of cable networks as well.  The younger the intended audience, the bigger the drop; understandably so.  The only time my children watch cable television is when they are stuck in a hotel that does not provide Netflix.  My kids were confused as to why they couldn’t choose which episode they could watch and why they were incapable of rewinding, fast-forwarding, or pausing the show.  They gave up and watched YouTube videos on an iPad.  Cord cutting has been growing at a faster pace.  Only 2/3rds of US households now pay for cable or satellite television with 27% saying they intend to cord cut in 2021.


You might say “So what? People are just switching over from Cathedral network TV to Cathedral streaming TV. Is the Cathedral’s influence actually declining?”  Think about it this way.  Despite having everything and the kitchen sink thrown at Trump in the last few weeks and being deprived of a platform to defend himself,  his approval ratings are still steady.


For those of you still black-pilling (doom and glooming) with the encroaching totalitarianism of mainstream social media keep one very important thing in mind.  Gab is still alive and growing at a pace that they cannot keep up with.  Gab had everything thrown at them over the last four years in the just the same way Parler recently did—and they survived it all. The reason being simple:  without government intervention, it is impossible to create a monopoly.  There will always be a small alternative.  These small alternatives will cater to the needs of the ousted and grow themselves.  Even Standard Oil had small companies compete against them.  I would not be surprised if Parler returns and overcomes the same obstacles that Gab overcame.


The recent assault by Big Tech should ultimately not be seen as a Black Pill, it should be viewed as a White Pill.  The grasp that the Cathedral holds on the public is tenuous at best.  They are dying and desperate.  Instead of yelling at the sky, ask yourself how can you quicken their demise?


First, use alternative tech as much as you can.  Use Duck Duck Go, use Brave, use Telegram or the myriad of alternative social media.  Use Bitchute, use Rumble.  Get your friends and family to do so as well.  I am not tech savvy; many of you are.  It would be great if one of you could start a new forum on Glibs on alternative tech.   Avoid buying and using products from people that hate you.  Stop giving page views to NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC.  If you noticed, most of my morning links are from non-Cathedral sources.  Homeschool your children especially if your local public schools are toxic. Start your own businesses.  You do not have to go full Congressman Massie and go off the grid, but there are many things that you are capable of doing that is within your power.  You have far more power than you realize.