Author: Tonio

Creaking Tiger, Slack-Ass Dragon

Jill Biden strode to the hook-hung pig carcass barefooted in her compression shorts and sports bra, fingerless gloves on her hands. She was trailed by Mike McDiarmid, the worthless head of her husband’s Secret Service detail, and by her assistant.

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The Moral Panic of Joanna Schroeder

About the term “triggering” – Schroeder seems unaware that the term was originally a legit feminist term, explained to us back in June, 2015, by Gillian Brown on that unimpeachably feminist website Everyday Feminism. That the term has been so thoroughly co-opted by relentless parody that she is only familiar with it’s ironic usage must be as disappointing to Schroeder as having her lack of familiarity with feminist rhetoric exposed.

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The Glibening, Part Eleven: Ramesh Gupta, Reanimator

“But I’m glad you’re all here,” said Mario choking up. “We may never see each other again. You and Chip,” he said looking at Scruffy, “were the best pledges ever. Remember how you hurled when we told you two what your pledge prank was going to be? I knew right then that it was going to be a special, special night.”

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A Noob Guide to, aka Glibs, is a private website owned and operated by The Powers That Be (TBTP) for the amusement of themselves and the greater Glib community. TPTB were kind enough to open this website for others to contribute material, and to participate in the comments. Just don’t be a dick, don’t throw around racist slurs, and don’t attack other people unless they are arguing in bad faith (rare here, but it happens). Attacking positions is always fair game. They will ban a troll faster than you can say “rumplestiltskin.”

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The Glibening, Part Ten: The Triumph of Preet Bharara

Fortune had smiled upon him unexpectedly. At that very moment his top man was strolling through the offices of Thought! magazine tagging along with NYPD on a crazy girl call that had come in that morning during the taskforce meeting. No warrant needed. Even if they were squeaky clean, and he knew they weren’t, NYPD would manage to find something.

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Portrait of a Grifter

I kept skimming over this clause, filtering it out as “random, self-absorbed, chick blather,” but something about it made me keep coming back to it until it struck me that this was a tell; that she had inadvertently dropped a piece of information which caused everything else to drop into place.

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